Focused on the future of digital marketing, over 5,500 delegates from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa headed to Excel London to hear the latest updates from the Adobe Marketing Cloud and its partners.

We were tasked by Taylor Bennett Partners to bring their impressive vision to life, delivering the technical production for the main conference plenary, exhibition space, break-out rooms and the highly-anticipated Summit Celebration evening event. 


Realising an idea by Russell Bennett, Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners, we collaborated with Cinimod to create a spectacular 6m interactive projection mapped globe that formed the centrepiece to the Adobe stand.

Designed to represent the brain of Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence engine, delegates were able to control the content on the globe using facial recognition and RFID technology embedded in smaller coloured replicas. These combinations then created a unique live experience that exploded out across the exhibition space, appearing on an LED floor underneath the globe, eight surrounding screens, LED blades and 30 LED panels inset into sponsor stands. To complete the immersive setup, eight aroma machines delivered different scents depending on each unique users interaction with the experience, along with accompanying audio tracks delivered by directional speakers.


With top brands such as Sky, Ford Motor Company and Virgin Atlantic taking to the stage to share their digital insights, we used cutting-edge laser projectors to create three vast screens to display Adobe’s vibrant video content. LED panels were also used to create onstage walk in and walk off tunnels, blending seamlessly with the projection. Four relay screens were also installed to ensure everyone in the audience had a perfect view of the action.

Lighting in the Plenary was designed by renowned luminary designer Russell Grubiak who created a stunning design to complement the onscreen content whilst ensuring the speakers were beautifully lit.

Audio in the Plenary was delivered using a high-quality system that utilised the latest technology to ensure that sound was delivered evenly across the entire space


Party guests were greeted by an impressive Miami inspired four-sided projection mapped tower topped with 24 lasers. Entertainment for the evening included a roller disco and a spectacular custom-made 11m high slide featuring 8,640 pixels of LED tape, all individually mapped and triggered by infrared beams to deliver a never seen before party experience. The infrared beams were also used to trigger a ride cam which recorded and uploaded videos to a dedicated website enabling easy social media sharing.

With high-energy acts such as DJ Benny Blanco taking to the stage, the lighting and video design needed to be equally as impressive. We created a unique stage set-up featuring three sections of tiered, curving and angular LED screens  complemented by a spectacular lighting design featuring over 210 moving lights and 60 static fixtures.


“The pressure is always on when delivering an event for Adobe, a brand that is all about creating amazing customer experiences. We’re always looking for new ways to immerse and amaze delegates and by getting technical experts such as Hawthorn on board, we’re able to use technology to drive emotion and create engaging brand experiences again and again.

“We have a great relationship with the Hawthorn team and I know that they’ll always rise to the challenge and find a technical solution that will bring my creative vision to life.”  

Russell Bennett,
Partner at Taylor Bennett Partners